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Thanks for any advice in advance. I didn't want to post here but Iris won't eat. I thought she was being picky after refusing Superworms and Crickets so her dubias came in today and she won't eat the Dubias either. She hasn't been eating for awhile now and im worried and confused because she'll eat her greens but not her insects. She is only 6 months of age so she should be eating her insects and I think it's too early for brumation.I have came to the conclusion that she has some sort of parasite as most baby bearded dragons do. The problem I face now is getting a fecal exam done for her because since she hasn't been eating her stools rarely come. She is not impacted she had some feces last week but it was very small, she has only been eating her greens and not much of it either.She does get 2-3 baths a week i'm almost certain she is not impacted .

Her temps are 100 basking spot and I bought a new repti-sun 10.0 2 weeks ago. She is always glass dancing now too as if she is hungry but i feel like I can't do anything for her and it's now to the point of frustration. Any advise of what I can do please feel free to say,thanks.

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Hi Brian.....if your girl grew quickly and is a large size, then she is one of those that just loses their appetite this time of year whether they are " of age " or not. In other words, even at a young age, a large, well fed dragon can go into a semi brumation where they lose interest in food off + on for a week, 2 weeks and more. Don't worry too much, a lot of dragons act like that this time of year.


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Thanks for replying, Iris is 7 months and she is 16 inches. Is that considered big for her age? Is there anything i can do just to be more sure that there isn't a issue with her?
cause she do need an equal amount till she an adult ,once she an adult she eats live food everyother day mean while greens everyday but for babies its the opposite live everyday and greens can be left everyday by choice.
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