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So i wanted to ease my mind and get another opinion(s). Iris hasn't been eating her feeders, this includes superworms and crickets. I raised her on dubias and crickets and although she ate some Supers for about a week or two she wont eat them anymore.She also won't eat her crickets either, and i gave away my Dubia colony probably 4-6 weeks ago. She will eat her greens though,however she is only 6 months old and i think she should be eating protein alot more and for about a week she hasn't had any.I think she is being picky so i ordered Dubias today,I also replaced her Repti-sun 10.0 last week too.Her temps are 100 degrees(readings according to probe).I have not got a fecal exam but plan to in the next couple weeks when i'm able to get a good stool sample as her feces have been small. She also gets a bath 3 times a week and there are no signs of Impaction.

Is there something i missing or should also consider?

Hey my female dragon is named Iris too! haha :)
To answer your question:
It could be that she just naturally knows that it's winter time. Dragons aren't 100% domesticated, they've still got a lot of wild instincts which is why they brumate in the winter. Perhaps she's just slowing down her intake of food because in winter food is not readily available at all times. Everything you're doing sounds great so I don't think it's a health issue, but I don't see why you couldn't have a fecal sample taken to a vet if you really want to have peace of mind. I think she'll be fine though :D
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