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How old is Emmy? Brutus is 9 months. He just started eating green things about 3 weeks ago. He would eat a few pieces from my hand and then turn his head.

Emmy is going on two months, so quite young still. Emmy has been known to nibble a few veggies at time. Usually two to five bites one to three times a week. I am not really too concerned, my vet is more concerned than me. He says the veg is good to help keep fiber content up. He is a little concerned that all the bugs without veg may constipate Em, but I have had no problems yet. I also make sure Emmy is well hydrated with 15 minutes baths everyday.

Most everyone on this site told me not to worry about it when Brutus was younger. Some dragons will eat the greens at a young age, but Brutus refused until he was 8-9 months old. Protein and water are the most important for young dragons to grow. Brutus has seemed to turn out fine- never got constipated/impaction. I think the progress of eating a few bites is great! She's so little, I'm sure those couple of bites will go a long way. Good luck!
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