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I am brand new to the board, but was unsure if I should post on the intro page, or come right to this one. Trying to figure out what is wrong with our daughters' Bearded Dragon. (She is a responsible 15 year old, not a young child.)

Before I get into his history, I want to say first off that he is already at the vets, with their intents to keep him a couple of days, but his official condition is as "guarded".

He is approximately 2.5 years old, and has always been healthy, social, and a good eater.

About 2 weeks ago, he stopped eating. Since he was acting otherwise normal, didnt think too much of it. Then very little stool, but figured if he wasnt eating, there's not going to be any/much.

At 2 weeks, we were really starting to worry. Stimulation via the tub showed some sand with the stool (he WAS on calcuim sand per another BD owner - changed to newspaper), so called the vet yesterday fearing impaction.

This afternoon, he was very lethergic. Vet appointment was at 4 pm. Vet dx'd as severely anemic, but dont yet know what else is going on, or WHY he is anemic. His two blood draws were at 8 & 9, the vet said he should be at 40.

They have him in an incubator, plan to xray and tube feed.

Our estimate from the vets also include Baytril, Panacur & Metodronitle? Sorry, I dont have the estimate in front of me, I can never spell that word LOL - the last one I know is the same thing as Flagel... So I know they are "automatically" planning to give him ABs and worm.

Aside from possible parasites, WHAT could make him so anemic? I know absolutely nothing about reptile diseases.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Now that I have gone backwards and posted here first, am going to go read read read this board.

Thanks in advance,



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Other than the sand in the stool, it almost sounds like he's trying to brumate.

Below are some standard questions which really help to narrow down the possible causes of anything which could be wrong. Sadly, most of the time the issue is directly related to husbandry. Sometimes it's too late, but with him already in with the vet I'd say this is the perfect opportunity to fine tune while he's away.

How old is your dragon?
How much does your dragon weight?
How long is your dragon from nose tip to tail tip?
Enclosure Size?
UV source type/brand (important to be specific)?
How old is the UV source?
How close can your dragon get to the UV source?
What is the basking temperature?
What is the cool side temperature?
How are you measuring the temperatures?
What are the humidity levels?
What live feeders do you feed?
How small/large are they?
What greens are being fed/provided?
Do you dust the food?
If so what is you dusting schedule?
Do you provide water?
Do you bathe your dragon?
If so how often and for how long?
Do you mist your dragon?

I'll be up the next few hours and will check back often.
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