Inflamed patch on beardie's head

Hi. I'm new to the group and to bearded dragons and I need some help. I have a 7 month old male beardie that I adopted from a local rescue in May. He's been a very good little man but he has a couple problems that I'm worried about. The first is runny stool that we're still waiting on test results to come back from the lab. The fecal didn't confirm any parasites so now they're testing for bacterial issues.

While we were at the vet she noticed a suspicious spot on his head. I was so focused on his runny poo that I didn't even notice the spot. here is what the spot looked like on 8/14 and then again today. The vet mentioned the possibility of yellow fungus disease but she just gave me some Animax ointment and told me to keep an eye on it too see if it got worse or spread or just stayed the same. But of course as soon as she said, "yellow fungus" I started to panic. The Animax really doesn't seem to be doing anything IMO.

I've also included a picture of the enclosure. He has a 10.0 T5 UVB light mounted inside his enclosure and 2 90W halogen bulbs over his hide where he typically basks. The ambient temps on the hot side range from mid to high 90's and the basking spot can get a little over 100. He moves around a lot to find the best temperatures.

What does this look like to you all? Should I take him back in to the vet and have him tested for yellow fungus disease?

Thank you all in advance for any advice.


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Sorry. I always have trouble posting images for some reason. Let see if this works.




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Hi there, that doesn't look like Y.F, just a wee patch of shed or something rubbed against it . As for his poo, please post a pic of that next time he goes. What some people think is runny is just being well hydrated. Most poo looks runny on tile because none of it is absorbed. I wouldn't worry about slight runny poo and as far as bacteria, they carry a lot in their gut that doesn't need to be treated.

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Yes, definitely no yellow fungus there, probably just some scales that need to shed. He is
a great looking dragon!
The Reptisun 10 T5 tube is a nice bulb, & it looks like he is a good distance from it & should
be receiving strong UVB exposure. The basking platform looks very nice!



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Thank you for your reassurance. Here are the pictures of his runny poo. Sometimes there will be a couple undigested BSFLs. All fecals have come back clean, the latest one the vet wanted to send it off to be tested for a variety of bacteria.

He eats his salads every morning. I leave him a handful of greens (collards, mustard, arugula, endive) and some shredded squash (yellow, butternut) carrots, yams. I'll mist the salad with water and sometimes add bee pollen but not always. When I get home from work most of his salad will be gone.

Around 5ish he gets dinner:
25-30 dubias OR 60 BSFLs OR 1/2 of each. Dusted with calcium w/D3 about 5xs a week and vitamins 1 or 2x's per week.

I never see him drink water but he does have a water dish in his enclosure.

Am I feeding him too much? He acts like he's starving at dinner every day.




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So I finally received the results from the bacteria test on my beardie's poop. She said they found "3 resistant bacteria, one of which is salmonella". She prescribed Baytril but I'm concerned about giving him this. He's not losing weight, he looks perfectly healthy(besides the weird scabby spot on his head), active, eating, alert, etc.

The bottle says:
Enrofloxacin 10mg/ml
dose: 0.14ml once daily for 10 days.

Is this okay? Other than his runny/soft poo he seems too healthy to risk messing up his system with medication.

Also, the spot of his head started to get hard and flake off in thick chunks. I've been spraying shedding aid on it to try and get the rest off.

Thank you all so much for your help.

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A lot of reptiles naturally carry salmonella, it is not unexpected at all. They can even carry it when they don't test positive for it. I would not medicate personally. Post some new pics of his head to show the difference when you can though. :)


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I took some pictures of Zuki's head today. It seems like the yellow hard crusty shed is also on his ear. I also included a picture of his year that looks normal. There was some shed in his ear that I was able to get out, I included a picture of how his ear looks after I too care of that. The rest is really hard to remove. Any advice would be appreciated. Zuki and I thank you.




Yellow ear on right side of head after shed was taken out from the ear.

Normal ear on left side of head

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