In summertime do you still need to use lamps.

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Hi all just got a question. Our house holds heat too good in the summertime. We have ac in living room but beardies are in bedrooms. And it tends to get very very hot during the day. Do you still need the heat and basking lights. I know they still need UVB but just wandering about the heat lamps. Dont want to cook them.


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You may want to put in a lower wattage bulb for the basking area to make sure the basking temps are where they need to be. If you don't already, you may want to consider adding more ventilation to the viv so that it maintains proper temps.


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Yes, your dragons still need their lamps - both UV and the heat basking lamp. They need a basking temperature (directly under the basking lamp) of 100* - 105* F, and they can't get that just being in your house. They need to actually bask beneath the hot light. They will not digest their food if you don't provide the basking light with the correct heat. While I understand some people do leave their bearded dragons out of their tanks for 'free time,' they still need time under their lights in order to be healthy.


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We have the opposite problem here. Temperatures were a problem in winter this year. It was so difficult to keep the temperatures in the viv correct with the fluctuations going on while we kept the house open. We ended up switching the bulbs to lower wattage and everything was fine. Now with the house closed back up and the a/c running again, they are back up to the old bulbs.

I guess you just have to do what you have to do to keep the temperatures where they are supposed to be.


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im having this issue the winter i had 150w bulbs just to get the temps ok...105 basking, 78 its summer and ive downsized to 75w dimmed all the way down and have basking temps of 105-110 and my cool side is like 83-85...i know low 80s is ok for a cool side (heck, they never even use it), but i like high 70s better...i may end up needing to add more vents to my vivs, because they seem like ovens right now and im having to bathe my dragons every other day to keep them hydrated
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