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Impaction problems! Please help!

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Hi all -

Quick update, everything is still going WELL - Charlie is on the same liquid diet and is passing urate every day, but the solid poop is still stuck. Still doing warm soaks and lots of loving.

It's been 4.5 months!




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Good to hear that Charlie is still going strong. :) It might be good to offer some medium sized bugs like crickets or dubia to see if the harder food items will possibly move things through a little more. It may be that all the soft food is just coming out the way it goes in.


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Well, it's April - still no poop - but pushing urate out like a champ probably 5 times a day.

Still sticking to mush/liquid diet with an occasional small dubia roach - baths all the time and as much running as possible.

She still acts completely normal minus the tremendous pushing effort every day - definitely has an appetite and still wants to socialize

Don't know what else to say - fingers still crossed - the poop logs are still in there, I can feel another glob forming up where her chest is - she appears bloated but essentially the same size since the end of last year.


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Hello Beardie community!


It took 10 MONTHS - but Charlie FINALLY POOPED IT ALL OUT.

Two weeks ago she pushed out an oversized marble-shaped waste - and after a dissection I realized what was impacting her:
Last year when Charlie laid eggs I added a new moss/dirt-type substrate to her terrarium so she could bury them - looks like she ate some of it. It definitely wasn't walnut shell substrate.

A few notes on what I think did the trick since my last post (for those who will see this)
- continued the liquid diet of baby food, vitamins & calcium, and Critter Care (post-surgery liquid diet)
- daily warm soaks - I bought a personal foot soaker for myself....and realized it makes the PERFECT HOT TUB for bearded dragons!
The foot soaker has a concealed heating element and keeps water right at the perfect temperature. The bubbles coming from below hit right on her belly - and soaking her with the vibrations/bubbles/heat for a whole hour at a time really helped
I'll post a picture soon.


Since I didn't want to risk her being impacted again - I was using cloth towels - but it became a huge pain having to take them out and wash them each time she poops.
Hence the beauty of substrate acting like a litter, essentially.

We picked up some chicken feed at the pet store - and it works GREAT.
You can get a huge bag for cheap (compared to small bags of "calcium sand"/etc at PetCo) - and it's just made of corn pieces and cracked wheat. My beardie doesn't see it as food, rather just pebble-like substrate.
The best part?! If she accidentally eats some, no compaction risks. HOORAY.

Hope this was helpful - please feel free to message me if your beardie has impaction issues


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So glad to hear she's cleaned out, after all this time. But the best substrate for a dragon is a solid one, nothing loose. I use newspaper and have for 9 years, handy, easy to clean and my dragons can dig into it if they want to. Just FYI. I heard about the foot baths being excellent spas for dragons. excellent idea.


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YAY! I love reading through success stories! Every time I read through a sad story of a beardie I can't help but grab mine and cuddle him a little extra but the happy ones always have me smiling ear to ear! Congrats and great job! :D
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