Im so excited iI had to share!! (PIXXX)

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So just gont finnished constructing Blaze's tank today, he doesnt live in it yet but will come this next weekend! :mrgreen:

so this is the one he lives in now, his 20 gal long :?

and this is the new 60 gal!! :D :D :D :D





at first i didnt have any bamboo on :cry: , took a trip to the store and found some and i just had to have it, its bamboo color (tans) with green mixed in i love it!

:blob8: now alls that is left is fixing up the stand and im good to go!! :blob8:
i hope he likes it


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lol yes thats a bull terrier, baby trigger, thats our stud.. well he isnt a baby but thats what i call him. we breed from time to time.

and god, i had so much fun decorating this one id do it anytime lol.
i think we are adding blaze, the lighting, and then themps this weekend


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that is a nice looking tank.
did you actually make the entire tank? wat material did you use and how did you get it glued together?


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sorry, was just wondering if you made it. i am interested in making one and your tank did look semi-custom.


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Nope just got it at the reptile convention when it came to san jose. its a 60 or 65 i cant rember and it came with all kinds of stuff, i think for like a snake tank it came with hat cork hut thing i have in there everything came out to be 89.00 bucks it was super cheap. i love the reptile conventions. to make a custom glass tank i would think would be hard but if you have the brains to do it more power to ya, i would just think it would be hard. i heard of people buying an old dresser and remaking it into a tank and thats pretty cool
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