I'm losing patience!

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So i just took my beardie out for a little night time stretch and just to hang out with me ( im in a dorm :twisted: ) and he loves to lay on my bed but he ALWAYS runs away and wont let me near him...unlike all the beardies i hear here that cuddle and are well behaved...and he RAN away from me then jumped off my 4 foot off the floor bed landed on the ground and proceeded to squeeze through the crack under the door and run down the hall with me trying to catch him without scaring him. I am losing patience with the little effer. I feed him and love him and play with him and all he does is hate me and run away from me every single time i take him out!!! :banghead: UGHHHH


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LOL, my little guy will do that too. I asked around and this is something they should grow out of. Some brief handling helps but apparently the instinct is to run from anything that can eat him. Most of the people I have heard of are talking about older beardies that love to play. Also really surprised they let you have him in a dorm...We were only allowed to have fish "Officially".


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How old is your beardie? When I Drago was younger, he would run away from me all the time as well. I just continued to take him out daily & let him free roam in a safe area that was beardy proofed! lol! Eventually as he got older, he realized that wasn't going to hurt him & he has calmed down alot. He still runs away but not as much. He will sit with me for a a few minutes & then he will walk off my hand onto the floor & start running around. Try getting him/her out before bed time or right when he's falling alseep & lay him under a nlanket on your chest. He/she will love the wamth & most likely fall asleep on u! If u can start doing this a few times a week...he will learn to trust u faster. As he/she gets older they usually calm down a bit more. Kind of like with a puppy compared to a dog! lol



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Yep normal beardie behavior lol Roo is a snuggler loves to be petted soon as i set her down on anything :shock: zoooommmm shes gone in a flash. They do grow out of it give it a few months Chimera stopped doing that at about 5 months.


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Phoenix and Apache seem to be going through a faze where picking up is taboo. they both puff up-man their little spines are pokey!! but I just pick em up anyhow(ouch) and make them let me hold em. They are happy to see me at feeding time and both watch me in the room that we all hang out in. with time and patience I am sure they will come around, just be patient. With animals patience and understanding works best. FYI Phoenix is about 6-7mos, and Apache is 5 mos.
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