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Iguana possible egg clutch?

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I have a 2.4 year old iggy, im not 100% sure if its male or female though

I have recently noticed that there is a slightly hard bump on one side of is tummy which I sorta think it might be an egg...is this possible at their age? I will be checking in a week at the vet and get her a full check up to figure out the final question of which sex it is.

But when I touch the bump, its...smooth? I'm not sure how I can describe it...but I was just wondering if it is possible for them to lay eggs at 2 yeas old!

Ill post a picture of her...When she wakes up tomorrow I'll take a picture of her pores which I still can't tell is male or female....and the jowels are large but they don't stick out...it appears there are 2 fat pockets on the top of her head...but im not sure...and she has alot of orange coloring on her spikes and on her arms....and the head is long and slender not small...BUT pictures will be posted tomorrow


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They can lay clutches at 2.5 years of age. It is not unheard of. Definatly post a picture of the femoral pores, underneath of the base of tail and head. We will be able to give you some insight of what sex you got there. However even if your baby is determined as female, I would definatly still take her to the vet. Young iguanas can become eggbound, and a lump could also be an internal mass. I would hate to classify it as an egg just because she is female and have it be something more serious. Post pics and let us know!!


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sorry for the loonng delay...ill get the pics up as soon as i can...I've had a busier week than usual because my cat just had her kittens and I've got to upgrade my turtle tanks. So today i'll get them posted!
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