• Happy "Appreciate a Dragon Day" everyone!
    Yes, apparently, that's actually a thing every January 16th! Granted, I think they meant it more for mythical winged creatures... but I'm happy to co-opt it a little!
  • January Photo Competition!
    Gather the best photos of your bearded dragons... the theme for this month is "Goofball beardies!" For details check out the January Photo Compeitition thread.


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Alright, who else has Iggys as well as Beardies? :D Between my boyfriend and I, we have 6 lizards. 3 igs, and 3 beardies. Gummy is a red female ig 8 years old, Iggles is 2-3 years old green female, and Squeedgy is a male baby green.


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I don't have any iguanas, but please post your pictures I would love to see them!
We lived in Key West, FL for 6 years & I got to see the wild ones all of the time.

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