Iggy refuses to eat

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Ok so it's been about two weeks now since my 2yr old bd stopped eating regulary, we moved and his setup is obviously not in the same spot, he slowed down on eating his mealies and supers and now won't eat them at all, he barely touches his salad, his daytime temp i was having a hard time regulating until tonight basking is now 105 from 92 and cool side about 85..he has seemed a bit cranky and lethargic and if i hold him he just goes to sleep and could sleep on my chest all night long if i let him.... any ideas.. he did take water last night for the first time in about a week.


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yeah, I agree with noob. My 10 month old dragon has been doing the same thing off-and-on for over a month now. I would make sure he's not losing significant weight, my dragon bounces around 500g +- 5g. I do give my dragon a bath once a week when he seems active where he will take in a fair amount of water to keep hydrated. He will actually stick his whole nose under water for about 30 seconds and drink, scared the hell out of me the first time he did that :shock:


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Ok that's kind of the way I was leaning too, thanks now I'm not so worried and no he doesn't seem to be losing much weight at all because he is very lathargic
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