Ifrit and Seka's Thread 10-21-11

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Beardednoob":1l8l5ccy said:
Thanks I was beginning to think people were not looking at these two LOL, Des and Thor steal the show but, Ifrit used to have the spot light..
She is still 20 inches, I do not think these two will get any longer then they already are. :wink:

Des and Thor may steal the show but now im hooked on these two also! lol You have some gorgeous animals. and they all have their dif personalities i luv it!

and re the weight, Seka is big and beautiful...nothin wrong about that!


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She actually doesn't get roaches yet as my nymphs seem to take quite awhile to bring up. The largest nymph I have seen is about 3/8ths of an inch :?


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Hi Michael! Sorry, that went right over my head but now I remember :)
Those nymphs certainly are taking their time growing up. Now, if you lived
just a little closer, I would, I would bring you a bunch of the ones I have
that are too big for Rufus.


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I appreciate the offer. I just need the 500 or so I have to get big LOL

I tried feeding her an adult male at one point, she went for it a few times missed each time and gave up :?


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You don't have dubias, do you? Do your males have wings? I accidentally lifted one by the wing and it sure got wiggly. Should make real attractive prey.



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Ifrit weighs 568grams now :shock:




Stupid PB wouldn't let me crop the images.. :?


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Wow he is big!!!

Did you see Naughtica is up to 400gs now?!

(wait I think you posted on her thread lol)



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He has started this "I want too, I will!" type attitude lately it is difficult to hold him. Put him on my shirt around my stomach he will power full force to the point of bearding and slightly gaping to get on my shoulder, then he slowly crawls to my back. If I am sitting down he will go and try to claw into my neck trying to nestle in. Or he will hold on and claw into my head so he can try and sleep there. It hurts, I tell him but, he doesn't listen. All the claw marks on my hands are from this guy. :lol:


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At least his 'I want to, I will' attitude is just in reference to cuddles and being on you... Phoebe has the same attitude except hers is directed at getting to her viv by any means possible - even attempting to fly :shock:
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