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This isn’t a super pressing question but I figured I’d ask. Where should I put my CHE to ensure the tank stays warm? I’ve seen a lot of photos put them in the middle. But when I do it the sides of the tank (including the one my dragon is on) still feel pretty cold. Is this ok? Should I put it where I usually put his basking lamp?


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Depends what your goal of the CHE is.

Are you wanting it for keeping the tank warmer overnight when the lights are off? Or are you using it during the day to add extra heat?

The former, I am trying to keep him warm at night. But not too warm that he can’t sleep properly or face other negative effects.

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Depending on the CHE wattage and your setup, you'll likely just need to play around with it. If the wattage is low enough that the CHE being in the middle keeps the tank around 65F~, then you're good. If it makes it much hotter than that though, you're better off moving it to one side so that it creates a gradient like your heat lamp does.

Like you already pointed out, cool temps at night are important to their health too. You don't want to make it too warm. We only recommend temps of 75-80 overnight when the dragon is sick. Otherwise, dragons will do fine with low temps at night down to the 60's.


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