I think Spike is bored - ideas?

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Thank you all for your help in the autumn, Spike was bruminating and has come back to his normal self now, as you lot said he would :D :D

He is back to normal, but he is often at the front of his vivarium, clawing at the glass. I think he is bored. My son, who adores him, spends time cuddling him in the evenings, but he is at school in the day.

I'm not a reptile person (OK, I'm seriously phobic!!) - but Spike has endeared himself even to me to the point where I can stroke him which is a serious thing for me, but I'm not about to have him out and running about me. :oops:

Any ideas of how I can amuse him during the day? I actually have no idea what sex "he" is, so could a companion work? I hate to see him in any way unhappy, but I think he needs something.... A mirror? Are there beardie "toys"?

I know I'm useless, but I want to do the best by Spike as even I am extremely attached to him.
well having another BD will ot make him happy if there both male, and males can and some times do attack females which causes them both stress and so on. i myself have a male and female dragon together (personal choice no comments please) and have found that im very lucky having two dragons that don't fight and acually get along. but my male does sometime get agressive in which case i put him in "the box of shame" a cricket box with tissue for segragation, i only leave him in there for 10mins, but if you BD is bored letting him roam in a room will be very exciting for them. but make sure theres nothing they can eat of lick which can be dangerious, or anyother animals.
ermmm, my dragon acually watch's Tv. there is many things that BD's might find interesting lol. putting more new furniture in the viv is usally gd as they like to explore. but i wouldn't advise getting another dragon as it means 3 times the work, as not only you have to make sure they both eat right and clean them you gotta make sure they get along and don't try eat each other.
hope i helpped, thanks


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I agree, getting another dragon won't cheer him up it could make things worse. My baby gets angry at his own reflection and freaks out when he sees my older dragon (who also gets upset when he sees the baby). They're happy enough being solitary. But when my dragons start glass dancing I usually let them out to roam on the couch or in the living room. You could pen off an area for your dragon if you're worried about him dissapearing under furniture or anything. Just be sure he can't climb out lol.


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I was thinking of a penned area, where he could come out and run around a bigger area (his viv is 3' x 3' so not small!) but this might help him. I will see what I can build on son's bedroom floor.

We have dogs, so I don't want Spike put at risk free range on the floor, but I do want him happy and I don't like to see him clawing at the glass.


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Yah i would be warry of the dogs and your dragon. Does your beardie have lots to climb on in his house? that might interst him too. :)


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Yep, last birthday all my son got was Stuff for Spike - new bigger hiddy house, more climbing sticks and folliage for his viv. He has everything I can think of!

Maybe a run about area, safe from the dogs, is what I need to build ... :D
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