i think she wants to lay


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Thats awesome. Also now you know she can pass them so egg binding shouldn't be something to have to worry over.
One other thought, i would stick the eggs in the freezer over night before tossing them (assuming she wasn't bred).


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ok guys so... i woke up and went into the living room to check on Ripley and well... i guess she kept laying after lights out last night. In total 27 eggs, poor girl is still pooped. i put her in the room while i combed thru her tank and after about 30-45 min i went to get her and put her into her re-done tank and she hadnt moved from where i placed her. suprisingly not as much of an appetite as i expected, she ate like 4-5 roaches and then wouldnt eat more, probably wants her superworms lol


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Bless her heart, she is a trooper.
I recommend giving extra calcium for a little bit, she will be depleted.

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