i think my dragon has eggs

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My female is only about 9-10 months old, and she's been doing a lot of digging. She's housed with a male around the same age. Tonight i noticed when she was perched on a branch that she had lumps on both sides of her abdomen....could she have eggs at such a young age and what's my next step if she does?


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It is possible.
The 1st thing you want to do is get her her own tank.
The second thing you want to do is feed her everything she will eat. Bugs, greens whatever. Make sure she is getting calcium with every feeding. Keep this up even after she lays. Up her vitamins to about 4 to 5 times a week.
Get a large rubbermaid bin with playsand for her to lay in when she is ready.
Im not saying this to be mean but she may not survive the laying process. She is way to young to be laying. She isnt fully developed yet.
Again seperate them.


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what size bin? does she need play sand or soil? I dont know what to do....is her digging a sign of her ready to lay?


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nsciria":3lp73kzb said:
what size bin? does she need play sand or soil? I dont know what to do....is her digging a sign of her ready to lay?

well first she needs her own tank that is at least 3ft long X 18 inches wide.

for a lay bin a 30 gallon rubbermaid container would do well.


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You will know when she is ready to lay. Everyone told me that, and I wasn't sure what that meant. Until LouLou would pace constantly, tear up her tank, not eat, and moved back and forth non stop!
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