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Back on Oct.22, I bought these 2 tiny little skinks called orange throat pygmy skinks. There was four in the tank but I only had a 10g. I couldn't find anything on them in particular. So, I contacted my friend at the store and she told me they were labeled with the sci. name of trachylepis striata. Even with that name that's the full-size lizard, not the pygmy ones. That care is almost identical to the fire skinks so, that's what I did.

Fast forward to today: both have died :cry:
I had been keeping the humidity around 70 misting 2xday with lots of hiding places, leafy plants and basking spot that was about 85. Kept a small bowl filled with fresh water and fed them 6-10 1/4inch crickets every other day.
But, today I woke up feeling like crap and spent most of the day sleeping and when I came to check on them(first time since turning lights on at 9 am) they were both dead.
Now I am wondering if anybody else had these or still may and might give me insight where I may have gone wrong.


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I'm so sorry that you had to experience this. :( Were they wild caught or captive bred ? Some wild caught reptiles go through a lot of stress throughout the ordeal, being shipped from another country, parasites, dehydration, etc.

If they were captive bred, find out who they came from and how they take care of theirs.

Again, my sympathy to you, so sorry to hear this.


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Sadly, I got it at a pet store (not going to bash the store) and the manager (who has knowledge of most reptiles) wasn't 100% on the full care on them. They only have general care sheets in store.
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