I think I´m neglecting my beardie.

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Guys thank you for everything, but I decided to give him to a friend of mine. I´m totally sure he´ll take care of him how he deserves. He has a beautiful female beardie, and a young blue tongue skink. That´s the best for Tuki, and that´s the important thing here.


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You need to give him to someone who WILL take care of him. He looks dehydrated, skinny, and i'm pretty sure he has MBD. Someone here might be able to take him, you never know. You can't neglect these animals, HE WILL DIE if you don't take care of him. Give him to someone who has time for him. Play your PC games, but give the dragon away to a good home. seriously.


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Using your age as an excuse for your laziness is no good excuse. And honestly, shame on your parents for not educating themselves too on beardies before allowing you to have one. If they educated themselves, they may have noticed these issues by now, or better yet, known you were not ready. As a child, I was very limited on what pets I was allowed to have. It took forever to get a cat, a hamster and a parakeet. During all that begging, I got books at the library on the pets I wanted and read, read, read. I cared for my own pets as a kid. Of course my parents handled costs, but I was expected to feed and clean.

When I became an adult, I quickly built myself up a small zoo. 3 dogs, 2 cats, a beardie, a corn snake, a sugar glider, a parrotlet, fish, turtles, frogs, anoles, 8 rats, 6 mice, a gerbil, the list goes on. I was also a single parent with a full time job. And still have time to horseback ride with my daughter, go to theme parks, walks, play video and board games, etc.

If I had time to have a full life and all those pets, I don't see how a teenager can't do the same. My oldest daughter, now 15, puts down her video games to care for her pets, sometimes I gotta remind her, but that's what I gotta do as a parent and pet owner to ensure I raise a compassionate child, so be it.

In the future, before you get get another pet, remember, it is a LIFE. And it relies 100% on you. What you essentially described was neglect, imagine if your parents did the same to you as a baby. Played their Nintendo while you cried for hunger or warmth. Beardies can't vocalize their hunger pains, they just suffer in silence.


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Bearded Dragons are wonderful pets but if you want a happy, healthy Beardie, you have to give him the attention he needs. When I first bought Buddha, the pet shop did not tell me that he was a high maintenance pet. He ate like a horse, and I was buying 70 crickets every other day, mealworms and cricket food. I did research to find out how to take care of Buddha, and what veggies he can and cannot eat. The more time I spent with him, the more his personality blossomed, and now he is an awesome little companion and friend. Beardies love people and want to get out of their tank to interact with you. I have been told they are the most intelligent of all lizards, and they need stimulation. Fortunately, I had the time and money to give Buddha a good lifestyle. If you really want to keep your Beardie, and make a good life for him, then try spending time taking care of him and feeding him well. All you need to know is on this website. If you do not have the motivation to care for him, and you are still forgetting about him, he deserves a new owner. Give him to someone who has the interest.
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