I really want my beardie back


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I want my bearded dragon back and i'm not aloud to own one in these apartments.

I miss my bearded dragon and my question was can I keep bearded dragons in sterilite tubs?
I'm having a problem where the tank would be too heavy for the apartment.

IDK what to do.
It's very tragic
Can someone tell me which tote to buy


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I think it's gona be hard to make a tote work. The better option would be like a Zen habitat or some ither pvc type enclosure.


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CPS is definitely some odd people.
I'll see what I can do.
They recently bought a fish tank after my bearded dragon was sent to a rescue.
So they have a fish tank with fish in they're facility...

It's creepy.
I wondered why they bought the fish tank & fish in the first place.

I wondered if they were working on something.
Or if they just had an idea and bought the fish tank.

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