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Hey there everyone! I just joined yesterday and need some help. I am gonna get a reptile/amphibian on spring break! I just need help choosing which reptile or amphibian I should get. So can you please answer very quickly because I am gonna go to Pet land in a bit. I think my parents will pay for the reptile/amphibian, but I don't know.


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Don't get a dragon, they are not a good pet for a impulse buy. Really, any reptile you get should be reseached and a cage set up before yuo bring the pet home.


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I have 5 beardies. i love them and love taking care of them, the care is fairly easy but rather time consuming. and they are social creatures so giving them attention is also important. i had a couple of geckos for a bit , and although they are extremely easy to keep, i found them very boring. they are beautiful animals, but they are nocturnal so there's basically no interaction during the day. they sleep and hide, but they are no problem at all to keep, they don't need any kind of lighting what so ever , they eat a few times a week, and they don't need to have any vegetation. and they do not smell at all. where as a dragon needs to eat every day,as much as 2 to 3 times a day, they need thier greens and veggies daily, they need to be soaked 2 to 3 times a week , they have to have a basking light and uv light , and they are poop machines ! but with all this said, you should do some research on the different reptiles out there , and find out what will be condusive to your lifestyle . Snakes are also very , very easy , but again , they don't interact much. just my two cents. good luck.


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I think tortoises are perhaps the best reptile pets as they are quite easy to look after and are excellent animals. They can grow to quite a large size fast. Tortoises are fantastic creatures and make really unusual pets. They can live on a vegetarian diet of fruit and vegetables and can easily be let out in a hatch for some exercise.


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I would definitely recommend a Beardie but I agree with the post above before you even bring one home you should have a tank and everything set up. You also need to research them extensively before bringing one home. And you should keep in mind that beardies are very social and love interaction so you will need to handle him/her on a regular basis. The problem with the starter kit tanks is they usually have stuff in them that your Beardie does not need or should not have such as alfalfa meal or calisand, Reptiglow UVB lamps or coil/compact UVB bulbs, Most come with a stick on thermometer (you will need a digital with a probe), You also need things like drift wood or a hide for your beardie to go in and climb on(usually avid climbers while young). You should also know that they eat a tremendous amount while young and cost a small fortune of live feeders. They also can get GI (gastro intestinal) problems if not cared for correctly such as compaction or worms. Beardies are considered exotic pets so you will have to take him/her to a exotic vet if anything goes wrong. Most reptiles are exotics though.

There are many great things though about these wonderful lizards though before I overwhelm you with the work involved. They are great pets and once used to you they crave your attention. These little poop machines are very docile so once they get about full grown you can set him/her on your shoulder and take them places. It is fun to go to Walgreen’s and see the looks you get when people realize you have a lizard on your shirt or sitting on your shoulder. These guys also grow quiet fast so it is fun watching them turn from cute babies to beautiful adults. I could go on an on but do your research and see if these guys are for you.



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i agree with everybody above but most important research i wouldn't go and purchase just to purchase
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