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Hii i am new here and would like to know if i could use a normal household bulb as a basking spot along side the repti glo 10.0 25w ??
As long as it gives off adequate heat, you should be fine with a household bulb as a basking light. Nothing coloured though, bright white is preferable (ideally between 4000-5000 on the Kelvin scale). The brighter white light helps better protect lizardy eyes from the UVB radiation :)

EDIT: Also, I'd suggest avoiding Repti Glo UVB bulbs - even the tube ones. I know from experience that they can cause various health issues in bearded dragons, like conjunctivitis and decreased appetite. Reptisun (10.0) or Arcadia (12%) are much better choices for UVB!


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What she means by linear is it a long tube or a coil/compact ? The long tubes are pretty good, I've used them in the past and Tamara from Rainbow b.d's, who is a top U.S. long time breeder uses them exclusively. They do need to be within about 8" for best results.
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