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I Miss You Dodger

I had Dodger for 5 years in March. We were pals. Dodger would ride on my shoulder everywhere I went. He would even watch me do dishes. Sometimes crawl down to really checkout what I was doing. I would say, " you just get back on my shoulder where you belong. That water is to hot for you." Dodger would until I was done and cleaning off the counter then he would get down. He loved to roam to counter and stove top. Dodger was Naughty sometimes but I Loved him so much. At night when the overhead light would get turned off he knew momma would come get him and put him to sleep. I would. I would put him on my chest he would .ove up to my neck and burrow himself to under my chin, I would pet him and talk to him until he went to sleep.
I lost Dodger Friday 6/18/21. When I left Friday morning he was fine moving, stomping through his water then his food. Returned home that evening got situated looked over at him and his beard was black, I jumped out of my chair and got him out of his cage, and started asking questions. I thought my 2 younger grandsons stressed him out. I sat in my chair and comforted him to no avail.???. I did not know what he got ahold of until II cleaned his cage. Some how he had glittered slim pieces in his cage. My middle gra daughter had glitter slim, the boys had some on their hands. So while the girls and I were gone the boys were in Dodgers cage.
So hard not having him around. He would get on his perch and stare at me until I pick him up. He'd sit in the kitchen window.
I Love and Miss you Dodger. Sucks having to watch the games without you buddy.
Love you Dodger
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