I miss my bearded dragon


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When I moveout I'm gonna ask for my housing guide to find a reptile friendly apartment.
(Hopefully 2 bedroom so I have a quarantine room.)

I like buying animals online more anyways it's always more fun.
The boxes surprise you!
You get to open up something special.
So that will be fun.

Finding reputable breeders online.
& I'll have to be more careful

Thanks AHBD
& everyones support on Beardeddragon.org.


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Do you guys have any info of hiding a bearded dragon in an apartment?
I hear some people throw a cover over it and say it's a table

Not very many apartments are lenient on owning reptiles.


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You're welcome ! I really hope everything works out and you find a great apartment. And yeah, it's exciting to get a cool reptile shipped and then open it up + see it for the first time. :)

EDIT**** I didn't see your question about hiding a pet in the apartment, I don't have any advice on that .


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It's always exciting to get a little one in the mail.

Thats okay I'm just not too sure of the rules about owning reptiles at this specific apartment.
For some reason a lot of apartments don't allow them


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I'm gonna jump in and say that, I don't think you are retarded, you sound like you are pretty intelligent to me!!!
Word of mouth can destroy a business rather suddenly. Knowing who and where is a start. People like this need to be shut down if they are going to treat their customers like crap (disabled or not). He would not treat me that way because I am not as nice as you are, lol!!!


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Well yeah.
Some of the psych doctors told me I'm highly retarded and need to take a double dose.
Both 1st gen and 2nd gen. antipsychotics, my leg couldn't stop shaking.
I took that for a month and I got pissy with him and I started seeing another doctor.

You know, it happens to people.

& truth is, he has healthy reptiles, he's a reputable breeder, it's just I think he's going downhill.
They can't run those little shops forever so it's not completely his fault.
Maybe he's a little burnt out from all the customers.

& I am probably pretty messed up with all this medication I have to take.

Anyways thanks for the support guys.

EDIT: I also wanted to say my brothers supportive
& he has a crested gecko and a couple parakeets W/ his GF & we hangout sometimes.


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So yeah this is all true.
I'm forced to take medicines.

My mom has been forcing me as well as the medical community
For about 12 years now.

I had a hard time taking care of my dragon and I was breathing through a paper bag multiple times/week
just to learn to take care of bearded dragons.

These medical tyrants should go to jail.

Forcibly against my free will I was taken when I was 17.
I'll never forgive them. & I wanted to be a hardworking citizen.....

Not some guinea pig that sits in a house all day...
That's not cool I get very depressed.

So my parents are abusive and the medical community are abusive.

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