I lost Scotty!

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Dear all readers;

Hopefully as you read this, you`ll know how distressed I am.

One hot summer day, I decided to clean my beardie, Scotty,`s tank out. I put him in the bathtub until further notice. So I hose out his tank, use reptile-friendly windex, etc.
So finally my mother put him in the tank to let him get some sun while it dried. My little brother and I played, dah dee dah, when we got tired and went up to the deck where his cage was. "Should I take him out?" I inquired to my sibling.
"I don`t think you should..." he replied.
"Oh, I'll just do it." So I took the lid off, and held him. Scotty FREAKED. I don't know why, I had him a lot before. So he's clawing at me, biting, so finally I put him on his cage lid, where he makes to sprint off. "Stay there." I said to him. He didn't. I must've run because next thing I know I'm at the stairs to my deck, sobbing. My brother says "Well, I guess Scotty's gone." (He's very frank, he's not 'special' just...different.) My response was tears.

I go into the utility room where my mom is doing laundry, and say in a monotone "Well, you can sell the cage and all. Scotty is gone."
"Oh c**p!" she exclaimed. "We better go get him." My family worked for the rest of the day, but to no prevail. We tore up our deck with drilld and screws, set traps, but Scotty was gone.

Dear Scotty, whereever you are, I hope you are all right. It was a great three months we had together. I don't know if you've hitched on a boat back to your family in Austrailia, or are up in beardie heaven, but I hope you are happy. I am surely not.

R.I.P. Scotty

I cried while writing this painful anecdote. Call me a wuss, but the tears came freely.
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