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HELLO so i have about a 3 1/2 foot long ball python and all of a sudden he bacame very aggravated,
hissing, and getting all pissed off. heres my issue: i want to change his water dish because he pooped in it... but when i take his lid off he literally hisses so loud it scares you. i cant practice taking him out because... i know this is pathetic but he is big enough to infilict a good amount of pain and i dont want that. this has been going on for a few days now and i am kinda getting worried.

help on this would be appreciated.

ps he seems really protective of his own poopy water.


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I agree a snake forum will be full of people with helpful tips and possible explanations for his behavior. The only suggestion I can make is to get some long thick gloves. I hope he chills out for you though.


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well he calmed down today.... i was stupid and didn't look for signs of shedding because he was in pre-shed so he shed and now hes fine. thanks to those who tried to help :)



glad it all worked out, if i knew anything about snakes i would have helped lol. at least next time you'll know why he's acting so moody.


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Hey, know this a year old now, but thought I'd write anyways. We have a 5 year old ball python. Does yours have a cave to hide in? Ours spends almost all day in his. We see him at night and in the morning. They're noctural. Ours has never shown agression, but they are moody when they shed and won't be interested in eating. I would suggest not feeding your ball python in their habitat as well. We feed ours in a separate bin every week and a half/2 weeks so he never expects food when you reach in. After they've finished eating in their bin they won't mind you taking them out again. They'll be good for awhile. Oh, and don't wake them up. If they're sleeping in they're cave leave them be. They get a little moody about being woken up. We get food later in the day now so we don't have to. He's never gotten hostile, just seemed unpleased and wanted to hide instead of eat.
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