I just want to be prepared for the worst....


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Forgive this question, but I just want to prepare myself. My husband and I are in our early 50s and have recently gotten a few reptiles (crested gecko, Merauke skink, Bell's Forest Dragon. My husband had an iguana in the 90s, and loved his iguana, but we decided that was too large of an animal for us now.) On Friday evening we were at a local Mom & Pop pet store and they had a special needs bearded dragon to rehome. All I can tell you is that bearded dragon looked at me, and said, "You're my human." The rehoming fee was honestly less than the cost of her tank and equipment, and she came back with us.

**Photos were made at our office immediately after her purchase, not at our home. Sorry I had to briefly put her on her back, but I wanted to show the color as best as possible.

Vet I immediately started trying to find a vet for her, but all were booked up or not open. The two online vets I consulted knew nothing about reptiles. We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. (3/9/2021) I just want to be prepared for the worst.

Presentation Her back feet are in bad condition (most toes gone); it's possible that more of the leg could be necrotic. She has/had clumps of stuck shed under her chin, the side of her face, and possibly more on her back legs. What's concerning me the most is what I didn't notice in the pet store: the yellow coloring on her abdomen. (Yes, I'm worried about Yellow Fungus.) Of course, this affects not only us and our reptiles, but also the pet store and anyone who might have adopted the beardie that came in with her.

**She is in "quarantine" at our home, in a separate room from the other reptiles (Merauke skink, Bell's Forest Dragon, & Crested Gecko). We do not handle them after handling her.

Age: We were told 7 months; she's only about 12-13" long, though, as best I can tell.

Temperament: Very active, interested, friendly, and can run surprisingly fast. She loves to bask under her lights, and will get down to eat bugs out of her feeder dish. She is not lethargic in the least.

History of Enclosure: We don't know. She came in an aquarium fitted with 1 heat bulb, a "Desert" tube UVB, reptile carpet, a hide, food bowl, and decorations. We've added another heat bulb to get the basking temp up to the low 100s, as the one bulb wasn't getting her basking area that high. The humidity is staying below 40%.

Food: We don't know what she was eating before, or how much. Currently she loves dubia roaches and mealworms, but the pet store said she didn't know what to do with crickets. The pet store was feeding her some kind of omnivore food, but we've also offered her Mazurki Beardie Food, which she licks. She seems to enjoy her salads (varies: currently turnip greens, carrots, and a tiny bit of fruit.)

What we've done: I've given her three baths and gentle brushing with a toothbrush just to see if the color could be staining, and to help the stuck shed. Some of the shed on the side of her face and under her chin HAS released, and her legs are looking a little lighter. No change in color on her abdomen. Other than that, we're trying not to stress her unduly.

She is alert and active.

Rear feet deterioration.

Color of abdomen. Possible yellow fungus, or simple staining? Sorry I had to hold her like this, but I wanted a good shot of the damaged scales and the color.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide for her, and for us to prepare ourselves. She's really a sweet girl. Even if she only has a short time with us, we'll try to see that she's happy.
I'm pretty new to bearded dragons myself so don't want to give any health advice, just wanted to say well done on taking her in and getting her the help she needs. She looks like she's in pretty rough shape but she does look alert so I'm crossing my fingers for you and her and hoping she can bounce back from this. Please keep us updated


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Just to finish this thread: Clara went to the vet today. The vet's almost positive that it IS yellow fungus, although the full culture won't be back for another two weeks. Although right now Clara is active and in good spirits, the vet didn't give us much hope for her long term (and it may not be very "long term") prognosis, and he strongly recommended we not keep her in our collection, especially since we have some young animals. As Providence would have it, one of the vet techs in his office has rescued beardies like this before, and has the quarantine set-up that will be needed. Clara will live out the rest of her life in this lady's rescue. I'm glad Clara didn't have to be put down immediately, but my heart breaks for this poor baby that did nothing wrong.


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How is your girl doing today? How did your vet appointment go on tuesday?
I am sorry she is in such rough condition, bless her. I am glad that you found each other.
She needed a great home. Oh ok, so she will be staying with the vet tech then since they
are pretty sure it is yellow fungus? Are they going to give treatment?
I am glad to hear she is so active & basking also, which is a good sign.
Her feet have some swelling on them, which could be layers of shed, damage from other
dragons housed with her or maybe developing gout.

Are you going to be able to see her at all? I am so sorry, Clara definitely didn't deserve this
fate. Maybe things will turn around for her.



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You're wonderful to have given this sweet girl a step to a forever home, however short "forever" may be for her. She's now so much better off than she would have been in the pet store. Bless you for taking her in and getting her directly to a vet... I hope that a beardie may be in your future additions to your menagerie, since any beardie would be lucky to come live with you! :)

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