I just rescued an iguana!

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Ok, I'm trying not to be too scared. I just took an iguana home from the humane society. He was abandoned when his family was evicted. My friend who works there contacted me right away, and I went to see him (not for sure, just easier to pick one pronoun). He's absolutely beautiful, very alert, and responsive. He comes over when I talk. He'd been there a few days and started eating today and pooping. He's a gorgeous lime green.

His tank is tiny, but it'll take us a few days to get the setup ready. This was a last-minute thing so we don't have a viv yet.

Wish us luck! I hope we're able to be good iggy parents. We have a 4-year old beardie, and he's been a joy. I hope this new guy will come to love us too.

I'd love to hear from some iggy lovers for support. Thanks!


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i would defently suggest that you visit greenigsociety.org they have great info and the people are very nice and have great advice and tips for you lol.... its great that you adopted the little guy!!!!


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I've started reading that site (and posting) before we got her.

Inca went to the vet this week and is in great shape. Her fecal came back clear too!

We're really enjoying her so much already.

We have a new reptile blog: lizardmom.wordpress.com to share their antics.


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o okay lol, what name do you post under on greenigsociety? lol thats great that her test came back good...its always a good feeling... yeah godzilla is hopefully outa his breeding season, lol im crossing my fingers, but other than breeding season he's the coolest!!!


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I bet Godzilla has been a handful if he's been in mating mode. We're probably a little luckier to have adopted a female, but the egg thing makes me nervous. I think we have another year or so before that may be an issue. The vet said some people have their igs spayed/neutered.

We're already loving our iguana and getting used to her. She's so lovely and has a lot of personality. Now that our bearded dragon, Aztec, seems to be slowing down to get ready for brumation, it's nice to have another lizard around.

:) Emily
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