I have the only bearded dragon...

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... in the history of the world, who doesn't like crickets.

He ate about six or seven on the first day. Wouldn't hunt them down or anything, but would snatch one up if it crossed his path. After that? He just stares at them. I put him in a separate container for feeding, and he just kind of stood there.

One literally jumped on his back (near his tail, where he probably could have turned and gotten it) and he was just like, "Man it's cool. Crickets are friends, not food."

And naturally the pet store is out of waxworms. Luckily we found a supplement full of good stuff that he loves (Nature Zone Baby Bites); I've seen nothing but good reviews on it. Obviously I'm going to get him worms as soon as I can, but I figure since he's active, pooing normally, eating his supplement as well as his veggies, he'll be all right until the pet store gets them in.

Unless I'm making a huge and dire mistake. If you have any suggestions or "NOOO IT'S POISON"-esque warnings or whatever, I'll be glad to hear it.


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That's funny... my 10month old beardie is starting to go on hiatus from crickets. He used to chow on them, eating 30+ crickets in one feeding! (uh, yes...that's the equivalent of approx $6 a day in crickets alone!) Sheesh!

Now I mix it up a bit with phoenix worms and crickets and of course greens. I just bought a bunch of different worms to try so he doesn't get "bored". I bought horned worms, wax worms and butter worms and so far he loves them all. Note of caution though. I've heard that wax worms are very low in nutrition value and should really only be given as a "treat". Not sure what quantity or frequency constitutes a "treat", but that's just what I've heard. PW's are great and I buy them from phoenixworms.com 400 at a time and they last me about 2-3 weeks. He's grown very attached to butterworms lately though so that might be his next favorite! They are a little more expensive than PW's, but they are also bigger so wouldn't need to feed 30 at a time like he eats PW's now.

Good luck!


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I know waxworms aren't the best nutritionally, but for the moment (once the pet store gets them in stock, anyway) it's that or mealworms--I'll be able to order him something better (I've been looking into phoenix worms) in the next week or so.

This week has been the most financially ridiculous week. And as soon as I thought I was on somewhat solid ground? Shredded tire. Shredded tire that I got three months ago. Don't buy from used-tire places, no matter how cheap they are. Just sayin'.

Bright side: Two job interviews coming up, and Pretzel's daddy (my guy) started a new job today. Things will get easier, and I'll be able to spoil my beardie as he deserves :D


My beardie doesn't care for crickets either, it blows me away when other beardies eat 30-40 etc, Petey would eat maybe 4 or 5 so I have switched to small Phoenix worms which he likes better but he is still picky, he will only eat the biggest ones, so next order I will try the medium ones. It's funny, my son is an only child and he is quite picky so he says I have two picky sons. It is so funny how beardies have such interesting personalities.


between my two older dragons they eat 30 to 40 at a time, i mix in worms every other day or so so they dont get bored with just one but i hear only certain worms are ok and even that makes me nervous so its only a few every other day but they love their crickets i got 100 monday morning and went for more yesterday and another 100 toady i cant wait for the reptile show to get them in bulk again!
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