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Our new girl, at least I think she's a she, did something interresting. I would call it unusual, but I've seen to many posts about the wieard positions they get themselves into. I put a t-shirt in her tank today before we left on our on day outing. I just went into our room where her viv is and found her sitting up near to the glass, balancing on her tail on top of the shirt I put in there. She wasn't touching any part of the tank, except she was using her tail to balance up near the glass. Her front claws were up in mid air. I wanted to get a picture and post it, but I couldn't find my cell phone in time. It was unique. I guess I now have to "normal" beardies. If any beardie can be considered normal, that is. It will take a few weeks to get to know what she's like and I really look forward to it.
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