I expanded Reggie's cage!!


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so at around 3 yesterday my new t5 uvb came in which meant i could open up his cage. his 4x2x2 cage has been split in half to make moving in less stressful but hes 3 months old this month so it was time for the upgrade. after 3 hours of cleaning things, discovering a small family of dubias that had been living under his shelf liners, and almost having a breakdown over trying to rehang his hammock i finally got it finished. he stayed in a tub with some salad and dubias in it for most of the time and was actually pretty calm. As of last night his stress marks weren't bad and his beard didn't seem to be black. i wasnt able to really see how his temps were doing last night because they hadnt been on very long. i didnt take pics last night so i will attatch some later today. i know im gonna be gone some today so im a little worried about his temps not being right and me not being able to fix it but theres not much i can do about that.


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As long as he can get into his uvb and under his basking he will be ok. If it's to hot under the basking he'll just move off to the side if he is a little cool he'll stay right under it. Unless you house is getting down into the low 60's he would be ok even without the basking for a few hours.(not that they should ever not have their basking, but it wouldn't be fatal)

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