I Caught Mating and Egg Laying

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I was able to get Bellatrix and Lucius on camera when they started mating. My kids were yelling in the background so I had to use youtubes audio swap, so they are mating to music. :mrgreen:

Then I was able to get Bellatrix laying her eggs on camera as well. Because of my crappy camera it ended up being 6 parts.

Later that day Narcissa also laid eggs so I have 38 eggs in the Hovabator right now. :shock:


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It was a complete and total surprise to us and I had to change the background of the mating because my kids are yelling in the back ground . . "Mommy, what is Lucius doing to Bellatrix?" :roll:


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I forgot to add because of sperm retention we now have 79 eggs in the incubator. :shock: :shock: :shock:


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Love to see that cricket and electric bill. I wish you luck!!!! Congratz though they are super cute when they are born.
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