I can't even with this guy


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Someone forgot to take the dish out before I went to work today.



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He doesn't look so well there, how is he acting now ?
He's fine. He literally sleeps wherever he lands. A few days ago he was half on, half off his hammock. One time he fell asleep with his tail in his water dish. I took it out for him, but he's always slept weird.

To be fair, that was a new spot for his salad dish. I'm trying to find the best spot where he'll eat the most greens. Normally, that's his "get me outta here" spot.

Before his treatment, when I would come home from work, I would walk in and he would have a black beard. It would go away when I stared talking to him so I figured I startled him or something. But he hasn't had a single black beard since his treatments. Even when I give him his shot, he gets dark for a second but when it's over, he head bobs at me and goes back to normal.


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He's a silly boy like my Sinatra 🙂

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