I am confused..... again


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So here's the latest. I peeked on Rocky yesterday because it wouldve been his 5th day with no water. I took a paper towel and squeezed water over his head and he began licking and licking. I ran to grab his tub because I knew he needed hydration- here comes the dramatics- I heat the water up quickly then I run back to him, check the temp then try the water bowl first (see, I am trying) but no luck so I then proceed with the bask. I sit for a minute and talk to him so he's aware what is happen and not to startle him. I then ask for a kiss and my poor weak Rocky, kisses my finger. I melted, remove the hide- give him a moment then put him the water. He needed it. Rocky who no longer enjoys baths was soaking it up (literally) like he was having the best moment ever. I sat in silence for the first ten minutes then began whispering sweetness to him for the last 10. I dried him off- put him back under his hide and told him it would be okay. I go to walk off and Rocky came out like HUH WHAT?! I looked again and there was a drop of water near his ear...I freak out, run and get a qtip and took care of it (whew close call). Then Rocky looked around...he ended up staying out so I adjusted the hot side to the appropriate temp (10 was 5 degrees lower than normal) and Rocky was just looking around. I let him be for most of the day. I later opened the blinds- he didn't attempt to run towards them and later I realized that it freaked him out. Later in the day, I sat and talked to Rocky but didnt touch him. He responded. I asked for a hug, he then responded but I didn't - I then felt obligated because I don't want to confuse him.

I left Rocky to be by himself- later on, I returned and Rocky began to play with me. WHen I asked him things, he began closing his one eye. I smiled so big. I then remembered duh, he basked all day, he's getting his strength back (yes, I needed a moment LOL)- he ate greens on his own and a few bugs. (So this has to be naps not brumation)-

As far as his demeanor- he never blackened- he actually lightened when I got near (yes, I am blushing), he gave me kisses and was very exploratory of his enclosure-
His skin/body definitely improved after the bath- no poop - he was very alert.

Around bedtime, the lights cut - he looked at me, I looked at him...he then went to bed. He went to his brumation area, not his normal sleeping area but he was facing me this time.

Fast forward to this morning- as I am typing this, he is peeking out of the hide looking like an old drunk man watching me. I set up his enclosure like normal but I am going to let him be. I just looked again and his head is fully up but he may be preparing to turn around the other way-

So all of this was about nothing but you know that I love Rocky and literally any movement still excites me. Rocky is (supposed to be) 10 months now - time is going to fast. I basically have an adult!


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I love your Rocky stories, it definitely comes through how much you love him.
That was kindda how it was with all the ones i raised from hatchings, they are SO cute and little and and and lol then one day you realize they don't really look anything like they did when they were so little, and your left scratching your head wondering how that happened right in front of your eyes.


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I left the room because he was down again but as you know, I check in often and he's peeking. Know that when I am on the site, I am sitting about 6 feet from his enclosure...he is peeking again:mad:

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