I am a owner of a recue need all the help i can get please


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hello my name is Amber and i am a owner of a juvenile bearded dragon this was very unexpected my husband and i were going to buy a enclosure from a lady on a sale site from facebook when we got there the enclosure that the women had for sale had a bearded dragon in it and the poor baby looked so bad she said she didn't want her and was scared of her the tank was nasty and she was so tiny and lifeless so when the lady said i could have her for $20 or she was just going to take her out and throw her in something i had no idea how to take care of her but i knew i could learn we brought her home and then i went to the local pet shop bought the right lights the uvb light supplements and all the insects that the pet stores had to offer came home a gave her a bath after watching a youtube video on it then used the cleaners and got to work on the tank and everything in it then once everything was dry put it back in and her back fed her i have had her for a couple days and i am just trying to learn everything i can about her care i want to make sure she is happy and healthy


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Poor thing. I'm glad you were able to get her out of that situation. We'll do the best we can to help you out. Cleaning her up and cleaning her enclosure is a good start. High quality lighting is also important, so I'm glad you addressed that quickly. Getting her started on a healthy diet will also be important, but it may take some time for her to adjust. Do you have an idea of how old she is?

If you could post some photos of her and her enclosure, that would be helpful so we have a better idea where to start in terms of offering advice. You can upload photos here https://www.beardeddragon.org/useruploads/ and post them to your thread using the XIMG button when you reply.

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There is something wrong with my beardies left eye!! I included a picture where it shows what her right eye looks like then the others are what her left eye is. She always has it closed (as much as she can) and she finally opened it for a bit when i misted her. I don’t know what i could be doing wrong and it’s not from sand because she doesn’t have it in her cage.
This is a message for all Bearded Dragon owners: do NOT feed your Dragon pellets! Feeding your Dragon pellets can cause SICKNESS and GREAT HARM! So please, do NOT feed your Dragon pellets!

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