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Hi Everyone, It's been a while since i've been here. We lost our 6 year old beardie last year but felt lost for a few months after so got ourselves a new member called Loki. He's around 15 months old now but i need some advice on his recent behaviour. He stopped eating a hardly moved from around October time to the end of December (I'm hoping it was just a brumation?) He also didn't go to the toilet for a while which was worrying me but after a few baths he finally did and now he is completely hyper, It's not too out of character he loves to be out, climbing up literally everything including beds, other animals, me! I leave things out for him and he will climb up them to go back into his tank when he is ready. He has started eating again but mainly veg, he seems to have completely gone off hoppers and crickets but loves calci worms which I have stopped giving him as I know these are a treat. The last week he has started glass surfing more and wants to be out most of the time, once out he's running around bright in colour and climbing. Is this normal behaviour? First thing In a morning he has started puffing out his beard and head bobbing, is he just growing up or is he stressed?

We feel like we are running round after a naughty child right now :lol:

Thanks so any advice!


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Sounds like normal behavior to me honestly, as long as he's eating good, active and basking then i wouldn't worry too much. And the fact he's eating lots of veggies is a good sign, im still struggling with my adult female and usually i have to trick her into eating it. As they mature eating more veg than insects is good.
As for the calci-worms being treats they can be used as staple feeders, however they do have a bit of fat. Maybe see if he will eat silkworms along side that if he doesnt want crickets or any of the other staple feeders.


How old is he? I asked for the most active one from my breeder and he delivered, haha. She mellowed out after about a year.
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