Hurricane preparedness tips?

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Hi guys,

I just wanted to create this thread to #1 pray for all our members along the east coast. I really don't know how to prepare other than buy lots of hand warmers and make sure you have feeders to last a few days to a week. Just wanted everyone to know I'm praying for the beardies, pets and humans alike.

Anyone have any other tips? The hurricane is a day away from my area and I fear NY may see some ugly damage. We all need to be prepared for what could happen. NJ shelters are even accepting pets!


Some Maryland shelters are accepting pets also. I stopped last night and loaded up on supplies for my girl. My son, my girl and I are going to weather the storm playing games and spending good quality family time. Once the storm passes, we'll spend some time outside in the sun.


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I dont think it will end up being a big deal since it is only a cat 1. I know it can be scary if you have never been through one before but really not a big deal. I hope everything turns out ok through. :mrgreen:


We made out pretty good at our house. Honestly, I wasn't afraid of the storm just that the power would go out and that I wouldn't be able to keep my girl warm. Luckily our power only flicked once for a minute and then stayed on the rest of the time. We are one of the lucky ones in Maryland.


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I have a few feet warmers and plenty of blankets to wrap him in if we lost power today. I wasn't to worried though because it is still summer and was 70 outside. But I have decided this fall I'm making a emergency plan tub for my beardie. I already have supplies, but I'm going to buy a huge Tupperware tub, cut the top and put a screen over it just in case I need to locate him somewhere with electricity this winter, I can't take his huge viv :(
I really don't know what I would do if we had to evacuate, I could never leave my baby :( Luckily we had the ASPCA open as a shelter up here and they let you take pets.
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