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New time owners here, had a couple questions that I hoped to get answered. we have tried everything under the sun and can’t get my little dragons cage set-up right.

First: I believe we got a Rankins dragon from petsmart about a month ago. I posted a couple pictures of him/her. Just wanted to clarify that he was that type because they have different needs than a regular bigger beardie.

Second: we first had a 20 gal tank, everything appeared to be functioning all correct. We then upgraded to a 40 gal tank, we got a longer uvb light so that it covered about half the tank. The temperatures we can keep pretty consistent but the dang humidity is our issue. We cant get it to be over 30% and it always gets to and stays at 25%- 28% humidity. I know it has to be higher than that. We have tried placing the water bowl by the lights, a shallow dish and litttle more deeper dish but that never helped. We also placed foil over half the tank to try to keep it contained inside the enclosure but that also hasn’t worked. We have tried consistently misting the cage and with all these efforts nothing is working! Can anyone please give us some insight or ideas to help raise and keep the humidity in the enclosure?

Also, while the temperatures are correct, he/she tends to spend a lot of time on the cool side and not enough time basking. He also runs back and forth over his stick and trees from one side of glass to the other and will often glass surf 😕.


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Lots of dragons have that pattern, it can be hard to tell unless you've seen a lot of them but no, Durpy is not a Rankin's but he's pretty cool for a Durpy Dragon.

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