Hugs and Tugs! (leopard geckos)

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Today I rescued two very malnourished leopard geckos. I named them hugs and tugs because one likes to hug my thumb and the other one bites my fingertips and pulls on them during feedings. (also named after care bears) Hugs is missing a good chunk of his tail because a hiding cave was placed on top of it :(

I will keep everyone updated as we journey back to good health!!

this is Hugs laying on top of Tugs in their new bed.

and this is Tugs starting to explore their new home.


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Haha... I saw Hugs and Tugs and immediately knew it was from the Care Bears. I was a CB freak as a child. LOL

That's great that they've found you and I'm sure you'll bring them back to health in no time! Will Hugs tail grow back? I don't know much about geckos.

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Aww, they are skinny little things aren't they? I'm sure you'll get them fattened up in no time. I have a pair of leos myself - they are great little lizards. :)


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Wow they are malnourished! I am sure they are grateful to have found you for christmas!! :D

yes, DeweysMom, leopard geckos do grow their tails back. Interesting fact on Leo's, they drop their tail as a defense mechanism. If something is after them, they will drop their tale as a sacrifice so that they can escape. They will grow their tails back though.


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thank you everyone :) they are such sweeties. they've both eaten lots of yummy reptiboost the past two days and had some soaks in pedialyte and water :D

first bath:


Wow they look like they were near death. I have seen some just a little worst than that at petco so I will never buy from them again. I'm sure Hugs and Tugs will do great.


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rluper":2jysq8jo said:
your welcome can you please post newer pics i would love to see them. :D

i'll try to get some during there feeding this evening for you :) check back in a couple hours!!


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here are 2 pictures and a video we took during their feeding tonight :) (Jan 1,2014)
tonight we mixed the reptiboost with a watered down baby food (apple) and they really really liked the apple. :blob5:

this is the two of them taking a break, hugs is on the left (bigger one) tugs is on the right:

this is hugs getting some noms through syringe from my momma:

and here is a video of them both eating :) click the picture and it will take you to the video :)
(the q-tips have nothing on them, i just use it to wipe their chins so the food doesn't crust!)
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