how to stop the tank bieng smelly?

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I've always cleaned up any poops daily and then do a complete tear down clean out of the tank every couple of weeks. I've never had a problem with smell in my girl's tank.


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sometimes i get an odor but mainly right after he goes poo. just keeping it clean should keep the smell away. also not too long ago i took apart the hole cage, swept away all debris and sprayed it all with disinfectant spray, let it sit and wiped it down. then i put my beardie back into a very clean cage :D

its not too labor intensive to clean the whole thing out and spray it as long as its clean to start with.


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Yeah you should take the poo out the same day as it is put there, otherwise not only will it smell, it can make your dragon very sick with parasites. :shock: AH humm...Yeah :roll:


I'm trying the new hanging Armor Hammor Baking Soda in the viv. We work all day...and it seems that they go every other day ...and those are big days...of course it is when we are not here. I clean them out as soon as I get home...but I'm trying to eliminate any odor coming from the viv.

I'll let you know how it works out... just got them this weekend.


It is doing really well. I'm suprised it works in the viv similarly to how it works in the refrig.

The big question for me will be how quickly I'll need to replace them. These were the more expensive ones with the identifier saying when they need to be changed.

I have them hung in the top left corner (cold side) of the vivs.


I will be putting my new bearded in my bedroom and my room-mate is absolutely horrified that it is going to start smelling. I invested in starting a dubia colony but haven't dealt with the tank issue yet. After doing a short search it seems activated carbon can work wonders at odor elimination. I'm going to attempt to hang a small packet of activated carbon on the enclosure and see how that works. I'm getting a baby so I doubt he/she will smell much anyway but I will let you guys know if their is a noticeable difference. I have an aquarium so i have the stuff laying around :p
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