How to rehabilitate a dragons legs?


Hi All, my female Bearded Dragon injured her left front leg after she was accidentally stepped on. She was treated with anti-inflammatory and pain medication. The vet determined that it wasn't broken or dislocated.

This took place some time ago already, but here is my new challenge:

During brumation, she never moved a lot, but as she moved she hardly used her good legs to help her move. I need to know if there are good methods/activities/physical therapy to strengthen her legs bit by bit?

I've been filling up a small pool for her to relax in and to get her to tread deep water for short periods of time. I don't think she is gaining much from the pool, so I would love any advice as to what I can do. Her other 3 legs are not injured, they are just very weak and I need to help her ASAP.

Any advice would be very much appreciated because I'm struggling to find any advice for home-based treatment. Thank You

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Hi there,

Poor girl. Its lucky she didnt break anything. so that's a good sign :)

They can be a bit lazy after brumation. But getting her active again should help.

Have you tried letting her explore and roam around the room? Or potentially even letting her explore outside, supervised of course. The natural sunlight really does seem to boost their activity levels.
Hopefully all she needs is to start using them again to get her strength back.



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My dragons spend a lot of time outside. They roam freely and my garden is private, so no way for them to get out accidentally or on purpose. She will move to the other side of the garden to her favorite spot, but it takes her ages to get there and lots of effort. I've started putting her on my forearm and then tilting her up so that she engages her rear legs more and more.


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