How to prep a log for my beardie's cage?

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I know I've read an article somewhere about how to prep a piece of wood for a beardie's cage but I can't find the article. I've picked up a great log and scrubbed it down good then let it dry in the hot sun. Should I do something else?


what i do for mine is soak it in bleach then scrub it untel u can smell the bleach anymore then let dry somewhere warm or u could bake it


i didn't do anything to the wood in Spike's viv. Made sure there weren't any loose pieces of bark, bugs, etc. and put it in there.
pudden318":7f167 said:
some people bake it in the oven at 350 for 30 min r so to kill any bacteria or mites

is there another way? my roommate might have me taken to the looney land if i start baking wood in the oven haha!


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I just took Rocky's log outside and used some liquid dish detergent and a scrub brush to scrub it real good. It seems to have worked well.
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