How to Make My Beardie Stop Pooping When Handled?

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Hi guys!
My beardie is wonderful and awesome, buttttttt...she really loves to poop on people. I don't know if she just holds it until then, like, she's poops fine in her tank but also seems to do her business on people after about ten minutes of being handled.
Is there any way to stop this? Can I train her out of it? Are we doing something wrong? Her parameters are all fine, and like I said, her poops are healthy.


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Maybe try putting your BD back in the cage right after she does her business. If she's old enough, try walking her outside and see what she does. :)

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Sorry but .... she is scared when being handled by people and it's an intense fear/ in terror response.

I'd cut back allowing strangers to handle her , she is not enjoying it and it is very scary and stressful to her.
Keep the handling to just you and your immediate family who she sees everyday. NO ONE ELSE.

if she's doing this with everyone, cut back the handling and give her more time to learn you are not going to hurt her and to give the chance to learn to trust you. Let her come around at her own pace, don't try to force this as it will only serve to reinforce her fears.


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Hey guys! It's a lot layer but I thought I'd post an update. It was all because she hated her substrate! Not a fan of reptigrass, and she made it clear...

Now that she's on newspaper we don't have this problem anymore. Go Bourbon!
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