How to keep odor down??

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where i live now is summer and hot (85 to 90F) and when my beardie uses the bathroom, his feces and urine smell terrible. i have him on sand and have used baking soda and that doesn't really do the trick. any suggestions???

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I would remove the sand. it's really not good for them anyway. It causes impaction, and as you know, is not very sanitary. I would recommend a non-adhesive shelf liner or tile. I use tile, which I grouted in, and clean up is a snap and there is no odor.


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Take out the sand and use tile or none adhesive shelf liner. It's impossible to get sand completely clean, and it can be an impaction risk to your dragon.


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ok thank you i think i'll just do paper towels. i do that for my other beardie (because he's only about 3 months old)

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Paper towels or newspaper are great options, too! I'm surprised I didn't mention them. Sorry!
(No worries, Katie) :D


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You might also have a fecal checked for internal parasites. I find that beardie poo is much worse smelling if they have parasites. Oola used to stink up the whole house with her poo. It turns out she had a raging heavy Coccodia load. Since treatment I can't smell her feces unless I open the cage.
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