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How to get liquid Ca/vits/oral antibiotics into his mouth

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BD.org Sicko
Got a sick beardie who refuses to open his mouth for his liquid calcium or liquid vitamins or oral medicine ?

A SMALL 18Gauge feeding needle is perfect for getting past those lips and teeth , you only need to get the end of it into his mouth and then slowly push the syringe plunger to get the stuff onto his mouth. I do this approach when giving my gang 0.4 ml olive oil.
No matter how angry he gets, he will not be able to bite a piece off the stainless steel feeding needle and your fingers stay out of harms way too ....and it's designed not to be able to cut his skin/gums/tongue or mouth.

Other option that's a bit gentler is to ask the vet for 22gauge sureflo catheter tube less the needle

I used this setup to get calcivet and oral antiobiotics into Lucky my rescued injured juvenile water skink , the flexi tube is slipped into the back corner of the lizard's mouth and about 5mm - 10mm into the mouth , even Lucky mangled several of these tubes !!

Or another option is one of these :

I bought the green "feeding" cone on Ebay.
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