How to fedd crickets?

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I tried by dumping a bunch of crickets in at one time.With her one good eye it took several days before her beard went down.tried doing one at a time, didn't work very well/


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Hi, have you tried to hold your beardie and then put close to the crickets? Thats what i did for my beardie when he was terrible at catching crickets, helped boost his confidence so now hes able to catch them on his own :lol:


Personally i prefer to hand feed each cricket. It can be somewhat tedious and time consuming but seems efficient to me. With a little practice you can develop a technique that works pretty good. I use a wide and shallow piece of tupperware with a lid as a corral. Hold that with one hand keeping the lid mostly covering the tupperware so your crickets dont end up jumping out and with the other hand reach inside and use a pinching motion with your thumb and forefinger to gently grab a cricket leg and then your beardie can take it from there. The crickets protruding knees are sort of easy to catch.


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I'm just going to add please don't ever leave any loose crickets inside your bearded dragon's enclosure, if you dump more in than she eats at one time you have to get them back out, especially if she has a bad eye. Crickets bite bearded dragons, most often while they sleep, and it's very common for beardies to get very badly infected cricket bits that cause everything from tail rot to them losing toes and entire feet. They're dirty little insects and they bite anything and everything they can, and they are known for actually biting their eyeballs and actually eating them while they sleep. So always remove any crickets that are not eaten of the spot.

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Since he's only got one good eye , he'll have problems with targeting and depth perception, insects like crickets are best given to him by hand.
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