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I think it kind of depends on the dragon. If they have a hard time getting around, give them a soft surface to live on (fleece is a good option) and make basking areas, hides, and food easy to get to with less climbing needed. I would continue to interact with them and give them enrichment like looking out the window or time outside if they enjoy it. Give them a nutrient rich diet with lots of salads/veges with the occasional bug treat. Are there any specific concerns you would like to have addressed?


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Pi'lar (Pea-lar)
My bearded dragon is 10 and has just recovered from having a Tapeworm. She is having a super thick head shed and her little feet are having a hard time of it but getting there. Vit E oil, lots of soaks and lots of attention but is there anything more I can do to make her comfy. I take her out when weather permits for at least an hour, I purchased all new lights for her and a new sand matt. Thanks so much. I have also been gently using a soft toothbrush on her feet but she does not care for that much.
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Cookie, Waffles
I‘m currently looking after my older dragon, Waffles. I personally try to keep his stress levels low, and keep him healthy at the same time. You could make Her enclosure very basic, so it is easier for your girl to get around. Try to keep her nice and chunky, by feeding her some fat-heavy bugs. Hope that helps!

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