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How quickly a year goes by


Haven't posted in almost a year, but have been keeping up with reading the posts (Cooper dragon.. Darwin truly reminds me of Fudge)
And yes my spoilt brat is still a spoilt, bossy, cantankerous little devil who of course I adore. (AHBD he still hasn't done the brumation thing... thank gawd, so saved me a fortune in plane fares to board at yours) "laughing" kinda glad, cos I'd miss his company. Can hardly believe he's 2 now.
Not really had any problems with him (that I'm aware of) he still doesn't have an off switch and I swear a toddler would get into less trouble, what can I say? I created a monster ?
Will bore you with a few pics now, apologies in advance.. Now I just need to see if I can still do that ?

Conquering mount hoover

Waiting to get out the door for a walk

Having a cool down (unbelievable for Scotland)

Waiting for cocktail service

Hanging around on his favourite perch.. My hammock

His least favourite place cos I get peace

Finally taking his sheddy tail to bed

Fudge is in for a dizzy now.. Winter is coming!


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Time really does fly by with them! Thanks for posting the update. I'm glad to hear Fudge is doing well and is energetic like Darwin. May never find that off switch, but that's OK =). I'm glad to see he is getting in lots of fun adventures!


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CooperDragon said:
Time really does fly by with them! Thanks for posting the update.

Thank you so much for your response CooperDragon,
Time really does fly.
Still love reading the boards and seeing how everyone's spikey bairns are getting on, I suppose I'm a bit of a troll, reading and taking note but definitely not brave or knowledgeable enough to give anyone advice.

May you and Darwin have many wonderful adventures, poor fudge will have less outdoor fun now as autumn draws in.
But.. Not long now until its indoor tree climbing and the smashing of baubles
Ps.. Learnt last year to now use unbreakable ornaments I swear he does it on purpose.

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