How often does your beardie eat their greens?

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So I used to own a juvenile beardie about 3 years ago but it died suddenly by an unknown disease (either cancer or metabolic bone disease) but before it got severe he happened to go through a period of time where he didn’t eat anything and got dangerously skinny and dehydrated. Anyways about a month ago I got a new one, Billie, who’s about 8 months old. He’s very healthy and seems to be doing just fine, but due to past experiences I’m just concerned about how stubborn he is with eating greens. I’d say on a good week he’ll eat just a few leaves maybe one day out of the whole week. I also try to give him baths at least once a week to try and keep him hydrated, but I just wanted to know how often your beardies voluntarily eat their greens? I try force feeding sometimes but it doesn’t seem to end well, so if he SHOULD be eating more than he is so you guys have any tips?

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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 4
Yes I want you to go here and order some worms --- -- order some butter worms and medium super worms -- get some horn worms only order a small amount as they grow really fast --- get a glass bowl those worms cant get out of --- feed him his salad first thing in the morning w/ 1-3 supers / butter worms 1-2 and one horn worm --- add these worms in front of him when serving him his salad - you can wash those greens before serving so they are moist he will water thru them - let him eat from that bowl for like an hr or so -- then take a small amount of the salad out and add your staple feeder roaches work great and way more nutritious than crickets --- you can order roaches as well --get them no bigger than the size between his eyes or there abouts -- these people are good and fast -- they are out of Kansas --- I would also get him some silk worms to add as a staple feeder you can get them from here if you order by the cup they come w/ food or you can also get them from here last I looked they had only smalls so you may haft to grow them out a little while - make sure you order food for them I mix up 1 tablespoon at a time and keep it in the fridge --- they will eat alot I feed them every two days and clean the poop or frass out every time I feed them getting rid of the old food as well -- these worms added to your salad will get him to that bowl here is a website for nutrition ignore the thing about the kale its a good staple feeder they like variety so mix it up ---
I have this same problem and would love to get some feedback as well! Both of mine just don't seem very interested at all, and I've tried switching the types as well as adding veggies every now and then. Great question!

KarrieRee Sicko
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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 4
Follow the advice I gave in the post above and go from there --- I did this w/ my 9 month old and he is eating his salad - fed every morning w/ a few worms on top --- I add all kinds of variety like different squash butter nut this week raw and shredded w/ sweet potato - both shredded and added on top of the greens --- fruit is occasional--- apples usually NO citrus--- you can get a 10 gallon aquarium and order roaches I usually order around 200 or so keep them in that and feed them dubia food along w/ what the dragons eat and carrots for hydration


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Makennastone323":3rgg4666 said:
.... how stubborn he is with eating greens.
Yeah, mine too. It's not uncommon; some kids just don't like to/won't eat their vegetables.

I just wanted to know how often your beardies voluntarily eat their greens?
Voluntarily? Only if I starve him for a few days, and I loathe doing that 'cuz he's a growing boy.
He'll only eat things that are live & kickin', so I have to resort to... TWICKEWY! [sic] (Think: Elmer Fudd).

I cut up his greens bite-size, and mix his num-numz in. The num-numz crawling/moving around cause the greens to do likewise. When he lunges for bugz, he inevitably gets a mouthful of salad w/ his steak. :D

For some reason, he'll usually eat some cilantro (coriander) and/or oregano, so I include a little with every salad.

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My dragons (all of them) eat their greens every day. And this starts from a very young age. And they do it not only voluntarily, but eagerly.

Some dragons do need to be convinced to start eating their greens. But it's an important part of raising a dragon. Eating salads on a regular basis is very necessary for their health and growth. It's not just about bugs and proteins.

I have a decently long post I wrote up about the subject if you are interested in my methods:
Babies SHOULD eat their salads
It sums up my thoughts quite well on the matter.

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