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How often do you handle your beardie?

How often do you handle your beardie?

  • Several times a day

    Votes: 1,828 55.7%
  • Daily

    Votes: 1,100 33.5%
  • A few times a week

    Votes: 292 8.9%
  • Once a week

    Votes: 38 1.2%
  • Once a month

    Votes: 11 0.3%
  • You're supposed to handle them?

    Votes: 12 0.4%

  • Total voters




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I don't necessarily pick Thor up every day, but every time I pass his cage, I put my hand in and give him some chin and nose rubs, and usually rub down his back. And I let him sniff me. It has helped with being able to handle him, and it should help when I take him to the vet.

Lizard of Light

Hatchling Member
When I first got Ardie, I was home all day so I took him out several times a day. Alas, once I was back to work, it's just once per day excluding weekends, but I do spend time with him for the rest of the evening.
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